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Welcome to Epilogue

 Hello and Welcome to our Server we have been open since c1 was the first l2 server that came out but server was down for sometimes due to           relocation just dies after time and we are working very hard to fill this up the server with new players   to max the server can handle around 2000 players     so i hope to see you all ingame sometime please make sure you vote for Epilogue ever day,             then there will be new comers on server If you got any Questions Pm one of the GameServer or Admin.

Visitor's notices

Ever 10 Votes on hopzone will get you an Supprice in     time just make note and we compar to your votes.

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06/01/2010 02:30
Epilogue Vote Links

Server Forum (New)

06/01/2010 02:12

Server Rates

06/01/2010 01:47
Rates: Xp = 50 Sp = 50 Adena = 80 Drop = 5 Spoil = 5 Party Xp = 2 Party Sp = 2 Enchant: Safe: 5 Enchant Max Weapon = 20 Enchant Max Armor = 25 Enchant Max Jewelry = 30 Blessed Scrolls : Weapon: 60% Armor: 60% Jewelry: 60% Fully working Epilogue l2 server Dwarf Enchant bonus is active. Added...

How to Connect to Server

06/01/2010 01:46
Step 1 Download the Client from Step 2 Update the client fully till it says start games Step 3 Close it do not click on start game yet Step 4 Find where the Game is installed Step 5 Add this GameGuard Crack to systsem Folder Step 6 Find L2.bin if there is one & rename it as L2.eve then send...